Dr. Rakesh Sharma

Founder Chairman of Pushpanjali Hospitals

Dr. Rakesh Sharma, the visionary Founder Chairman of Pushpanjali Hospitals, is widely credited as being the architect of modern Indian healthcare. His vision of bringing world-class healthcare within the economic and geographic reach of millions of patients was the genesis of Pushpanjali Hospitals.

The first Pushpanjali opened its doors in 1983, and heralded the private healthcare revolution in the nation.

Pushpanjali Hospitals introduced international quality healthcare to India, at a cost which was a tenth of comparable costs in the Western world.

Executive Directors

Dr. Pushpa Sharma


Dr.Pawan Acharya


Dr.Gautam Sharma

(Non-Invasive Cardiology)

Our Core Team

Dr. Vivek Bajaj

(Ultrasonolgist & Pediatrician)

Dr. Ankita Mann

(Obstrectics and gynecology)

Dr. Kanika Gargi

(Obstrectics and gynecology)

Dr. Priyanka

(Obstrectics and gynecology)

Dr. Rohit Mahajan


Dr. Manish Arora

(Orthoscopic Surgery )

Dr. Amit Singhal


Dr. Smita Malviya


Dr. Anand Khushwaha


Dr. Ritesh Rao

(Laparoscopic Surgeon)

Dr. Sanjeev Verma

(Laparoscopic Surgeon)

Dr. Shailesh Jain


Dr. Rahul Chauhan

(Neuro Physician)

Dr. Abhishek Mittal

(ENT Suregon)

Dr. Naveen Khichi

(Neo Natalogist)

Dr. Samit Purohit


Dr. Susheel Kharbanda


Dr. Ashish Kalra


Dr. Dinesh Jain


Dr. Manoj Goel


Dr. Ankur


Dr.Ravi Srivastva

(Emergency Department)

Dr. Archit Pandit

(Onco Surgeon)

Dr. Bharat Ratan Jindal

(Plastic Surgeon)