Plastic Surgery is the branch of surgery specialising in repairing and reconstructing missing or damaged tissue and skin usually because of surgery , illness , injury or an abnormality present from birth. The main aim of Plastic Surgery is to restore the function of tissues and skin to as close to normal as possible. Improving the appearance of body is equally important.

Plastic surgery can also help a person recover their self-esteem and confidence following surgery. Plastic Surgery can be broadly categorised as either Reconstructive or Cosmetic Surgery depending on whether it is done primarily to restore function or to change physical appearance. Reconstructive Surgery is a medically indicated treatment used to improve dysfunctional body parts. While it may also change the individual’s appearance, it is done primarily to restore function. Cosmetic surgery is initiated by an individual who wants to change the Physical appearance of a feature. In Pushpanjali Hospital, we are having well specialised and experienced team of Plastic Surgeons and all facilities are available under one roof.

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