IPD Services

We have a team of Super Specialists with critical care experts, especially Trained Nurses, Physiotherapist and Dietitians attending to the specific needs of all our patients. In IPD Setup we have Deluxe Room, Private Room, HDU, Semi Private ward and General Ward. In addition to all we have advanced intensive care unit . IPD is a department in a hospital that takes care of patients admitted in the hospital for at least a night. An Inpatient Ward or Department is fully equipped with medical equipment and beds. The patient admitted to an Inpatient Ward is taken care of by the nurses and doctors for appropriate treatment.

What are IPD Benefits?

Following are the list of IPD benefits that one may reap as an inpatient in a hospital:

  • Constant care of doctors and nurses
  • Proper diagnosis of your medical condition through lab tests
  • Treatments related to cardiology, neurology, oncology, orthopedics, and general surgery
  • After-care due to surgery, childbirth, or traumatic injury
  • Pre-planned inpatient care for a joint replacement
  • Emergency healthcare for serious conditions like heart attack, accidental injuries

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In the case of emergency, please seek immediate medical assistance or contact us at our emergency phone numbers.