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Serving Humanity since 2010, “Pushpanjali Hospital” is now upgraded to a new state-of-the-art 50 bed Multi specialty Hospital.

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Ovarian disease. Ovarian diseases are conditions that happen to young women and can affect their reproductive system and general health. These can be classified as endocrine disorders or as a disorders of the reproductive system. If the egg fails to release from the follicle in the ovary an ovarian cyst may form.

Ovaries also make the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. When a woman goes through menopause, her ovaries stop making those hormones and releasing eggs. Problems with the ovaries include. Ovarian cancer. Ovarian cysts and polycystic ovary syndrome. Primary ovarian insufficiency.

Ovarian carcinoma is a kind of cancer that grows in the ovaries. It includes many various kinds of cancer that all rises from the cells of the ovaries. Know the causes, signs, symptoms, treatment, pathophysiology, epidemiology, prognosis and complications of ovarian carcinoma.