Centralized Air Conditioning with 24 Hr Power Backup

Pushpanjali Hospital is equipped with air-conditioning systems to provide a comfortable environment for patients and staff. However, the accumulation of dust and moisture within these systems increases the risk of transmission of microbes and have on occasion been associated with outbreaks of infection. Nevertheless, the impact of air-conditioning on the transmission of microorganisms leading to infection remains largely uncertain. 

Considering the special needs of environmental comfort in hospitals, air conditioning systems must meet specific technical and functional requirements, including hospitalization area, where the air conditioning system must ensure adequate thermal comfort and prevent diseases transmission. Today the reduction of operating costs is essential, without compromising on the quality of service offered. To meet these needs, Pushpanjali Hospital offers complete solutions for hydronic air conditioning systems which also creates a perfect environment comfort, minimize energy consumption and, CO2 emissions, that with a ten-year experience in this field, ensuring a high reliability.

Centralized Air Conditioning with 24 Hr Power Backup The hospital is having back-up with Generator (Automatic) and UPS back-up for all necessary online equipment and computerize systems. 

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